About Author

Harshil Jani is an Engineering Student at National Institute of Technology, Surat (a.k.a SVNIT or NIT-Surat) where he is pursuing the Bachelors of Technology (B.Tech) in Electronics and Communications (ECE) as majors and Computer Science Engineering (CSE)as minors.

He is quite passionate about helping and volunteering in building great ecosystem of open source tools, softwares or even infrastructures. His, Exploration was so deep that starting from the very first year of his hands on developing digital products, He have luckily set upon the best opportunity coming at the best time.

A good combination of luck and rigorous hardwork with some insomniac nights, He has been able to pull of many open source fellowships cum internships. Talking more about this, He has done his projects in Google Summer of Code with Organization CERN-HSF in 2022 and with Freifunk in 2023. Parallely he was also involved with Code for GovTech 2022 under Sunbird-RC. Looking at his performance in respective programs, The organisers of C4GT'22 which was Samagra Developement offered him an internship which was Work From Campus Internship at SamagraX which is a tech consultancy firm of Indian State Governments. He got a project slot in Summer of Bitcoin under Rust Bitcoin

With such a good plethora of open source experience, He have decided to leave the intern offer which was offered by Texas Instrumentations for the job role of Software Archietecture Intern and working on MPU Sitara sending patches to Linux Kernel in order of conflict of timings. There are spreading rumours that he may think about doing any legacy corporate interns in his last semester of university degree which would be in Jan 2024 with still a condition of the projects being open sourced.

Looking ahead in his career, He aims to just keep doing the good work irrespective of any conflicts and stay peaceful in life and enjoying the work assigned or taken.

A huge thanks and shoutout to all of his mentors who have helped him reach this great heights. Here are name of few of them with whome he have ran places.

  • Nimish Mishra (LLVM Patch)
  • Guilherme Amadio (GSoC'22)
  • Chakshu Gautam (C4GT+Samagra)
  • Shruti Agarwal (C4GT+Samagra)
  • Tushar Gupta (Samagra)
  • Mathias Jud (GSoC'23)
  • Sanket Kanjalkar (SoB'23)

Special Mentions (maybe we talked the least but I would always respect real chads)

  • Flying Cakes (Introducing me into Linux and Rust Ecosystems)
  • Wired Hikari (Spectating him for SoB and NixOS helped me a lot)
  • Rahul Kulkarni (CTO Samagra for exposing me about how to think technically over any product and win in market)
  • Nazmul Idris (Helped me a lot to contribute on r3bl_rs_utils and talking about rust tools and open source VCs)
  • Sunidhi Sachan (Moral support)