Closing Notes

This marks the completion of my Google Summer of Code 2023 project. With all the project work and the conferences I have been part of, I am thankful to my mentor who have helped me in each stage to achieve better success.

As far as the project is concerned, We are still iterating on the parts where we lack the lower version of Matrix-rust-SDK which I have described in this chapter. Probably we would still plan a different architecture of bridge which would be more compatible when libqaul starts using libp2p 0.52.

I would urge developers to focus on FOSS principles and keep the source code as open as possible since the growth in computer science is research oriented and that's the main reason it has the term 'science' in it. Life is too short to earn money from code. Prefer farming, cooking, gardening, plumbing etc. to earn side money but for sake of FOSS please do not write proprietary codes.

Cheers and Regards

Harshil Jani