Writing a Matrix Bridge in Rust is a Google Summer of Code Project for the year 2023 under Freifunk Organization done by Harshil Jani and mentored by Mathias Jud for creating the Qaul<->Matrix Bridge which you can find out in detail in upcoming chapters. Google summer of code is an annual open source coding program and I am obliged to get selected for this, twice in consecutive years. But throughout reading the entire book, Please keep in mind about the fact that Open Source and Computer Science is the real big picture. All the things of which you would be thinking would matter are just a part of small pool. This does not make anyone more or less previlaged than other who was not into such places.

Last Year, I have crafted a journey book which reflected my work, project and daily deeds and efforts with it. It worked as a diary where I just flushed out my feelings. I never thought to craft any of my documentation work in public interest and this at some times feels so wrong. So, After all the nitty gritty learnings, I can assure that

  • I won't repeat some mistakes into this book.
  • People will actually learn a concept or project irrespective of who I am.
  • The sole purpose should be to embrace the technicality of the project and not myself.
  • Making newbies into open source comfortable in believing that it is not that hard to learn tons of things at a time.

With such self observations, I am starting this officially dated on 14th May 2023.


Just adding neat information for my this year's project

Program : Google Summer of Code 2023
Organization : Freifunk
Project Name :
Mentor : Mathias Jud
Tech Stack : Rust, Protobuf, Matrix APIs