I am Harshil Jani who is an Engineering Student at NIT -Surat in India. My majors are in Electronics and Communications and Minors in Computer Science. I am passionate about Open Source and Linux. I am not expert of technology. But , I love spending my time with tech.

Contributing to Open Source Software like LLVM, Gitpod, Fixing Small changes on other random software and web apps have been a part of my open source journey. I learnt a lot about Web Based technologies, Compilers, Simulation Software, Linux Distros available in market, Embedded Systems, Communication Principles and much more.

This book is about my Google Summer of Code - GSOC journey. My way of writing the things is pretty not so straightforward. I will drive you to many domains and make you believe that managing time to learn so much out there in the world of computing is not really as tough as a newbie would think of it to be.

Let me just tell you that, I am Learning Rust and the MdBook is great Rust Software to allow you to write books just with the help of markdown files. So, While I am writing this book about my GSOC Journey I am learning Markdown Syntax in more complexity if I ever require to do so, If I choose I want more customizations to my book, I will update the Rust Source code of MdBook. And side by side, I will describe my work in Perf, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, D3.js and other technologies involved. You see, This is how you use your technical knowledge to create something which is unique. There are tons of medium blogs about GSOC Journey. But I want to pen portrait this in a book, Because I am impressed by the book named as "Crafting Interpreters" by Robert Nystrom. I too want to make sure that some day soon as I grow older, Some underground kid from a normie lifestyle would read my book and have his own unique creation out of it.

I am Contributor at CERN-HSF and I will describe my whole journey with you to let you know how I made it to GSOC and What I am going through right now and what next in the future I will be doing in that regards. We will go through every phase of my exploration. I want to bring out the Christopher Columbus out of the readers who will eventually build up the habit to google the stuffs which I am lazy enough to describe and will be handing over to you as a task.

Don't expect me to explain the features of this book, You can by yourself click anywhere and learn what things goes on when you click here and there. Like Changing themes compatible to your beautiful eyes or may be jumbling through the chapters.